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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information. We help your law firm’s website stand out from the crowd.

3 Components of Law market

When we talk about a successful Internet marketing strategy there are 3 main components involved. All must work together to create a connection with potential clients and drive conversion.


Communicate Strengths
Compelling Image
Easy to Navigate


Needs to Appeal to Clients
Written for Search Engines


Search Engines
Social Networking Sites

Striking, Stunning, Effective Websites

Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

Having an effective Web Site to market to your existing clients as well as potential clients is becoming more and more important. You will want to present yourself well in front of any audience that is seeking your services. Having a good looking Web Site is no longer enough. A Web Site these days is an ongoing project that is never finished. You must be constantly be promoting the Web Site and stay on top of best practices.

Search engines such as Google rank website according to many factors. They will look to see when the Web Site was first indexed by the search engine. For example, this would mean the very first time Google recognized that your Web Site was live and could be found online. The older a Web Site is the more a search engine will trust its content.This means that the search engine may rank it higher than a brand new website.

Another main factor that the search engines look at is the title tags. The title tags tell the search engine where your Web Site is in the library of Web Sites. I consider the title tags to be equivalent to the binding of a book in a library. When the search engines are looking for your Web Site they would like to know:

Where your law firm is located (State/City).
What types of law does your firm focus on.
The name of your Law Firm.



Title tags enable your Web Site to be found easily and they give the search engines a broad overview of what your Web Site is about.
The Search Engines will also look to see what type and how much content your Web Site has. The search engines are trying to provide a good user experience for the searcher and quickly help them find what they are looking for. Having a large amount of content written on your site helps the search engines determine which Web Sites to display for certain searches. If you were in the library looking for information on divorce would you grab a small pamphlet or would you look for a reference book with everything that you needed to know about divorce? You would probably grab the reference book as it would have a more comprehensive look at divorce. The search engines are the same way the more information written about a particular type of law the more inclined the search engine will be to rank you higher.


Lastly, the search engines will look at inbound links to your Web Site. An example of an inbound link would be if you were a los angeles DUI Defense Lawyer the California State Bar Association had a profile on their Web Site about your law firm and it included your URL such as This would be to direct people that are looking for you on the California State Bar Association Web Site to your law firm’s Web Site. The more relevant links that your Web Site gains from reputable sources the higher the search engines will rank your Web Site in the search results. So if you are a personal injury attorney and you would like to rank better for car accident and truck accident keywords the best advice is to get links from personal injury law related websites.

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